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The Women’s Referral Xchange (WRx) assists women in building relationships, connecting with resources, and expanding their circle of influence while learning to grow in their business and life. Non Exclusive.


We meet every Tuesday 7:15am – 9:15am


Waddell & Reed Inc. 
7001 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Ste 2035 (Far East Parking Lot of Seville Plaza off Indian Bend Rd.)
Scottsdale, AZ 85253


Traci Bogan

Phone:  262-995-4629  |  Email:  |

10 Benefits of Joining WRx:

  • Increase clarity and boost self-confidence
  • Unleash your inner greatness
  • Gain visibility, credibility and profitability
  • Develop the art of effective follow-up and follow-through
  • Sharpen your communication and networking skills
  • Showcase your product, business or service
  • Participate in individual Master Mind sessions
  • Receive high return on investment
  • Building solid business relationships that will last a lifetime
  • Attend workshops and Lecture on Business Development, Personal Empowerment and Marketing Strategies with coach, Traci Bogan, and other guest speakers 

Membership Fees / Mission:

We work with daring women entrepreneurs and business professionals who are committed to achieving their most ambitious goals and dreams, allowing them to live an empowered life and make their businesses more profitable and operationally sound.

Membership Fees:  COME TWICE FREE!
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $375 to the first 15 in for annual membership!
Admission: $15 per meeting | $50 per month | $500 annually (saves $280). 

 We are not your typical “leads” group. We are your cutting edge resource, think tank, and action incubator for your business development and personal empowerment needs. Expanding your mindset, increasing your customer retention, and Xchanging referrals is the result.

All participants should represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.

Attendance is important in cementing relationships. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute, as a nicety, but it is not required.

Participation in the chapter by members is a key to the success of a group. Members can participate by bringing bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their WRx chapter. Each guest can attend twice for free.

Joining a Chapter – An individual may be a member of one chapter only.  Applications are available at chapter meetings, and members of the chapter will assist with their completion. A new member application is reviewed by the chapter’s Membership Committee, and the prospective member notified of the application status as soon as possible.  Please call or email Traci Bogan at the WRx Arizona office at (262) 995-4629 or for more information.  Individual chapters may also charge an additional fee to pay for the space in which their meetings take place.  These charges are separate, and in addition to the investment to join WRx, and are at the discretion of individual chapter management teams.

Starting a Chapter –  You should note that some professions (particularly residential mortgage brokers, realtors, and financial advisors) may find it extremely difficult to find a chapter or forming group with an opening for their business category.  If you are interested in starting your own chapter, please contact Traci Bogan at the WRx Arizona Regional Office at (262) 995-4629 or send email to .  We will send information about the development of new chapters.

View Open Categories Now (We are NOT industry specific, we operate from an abundance mindset.)

WRx Vision:

We are a global community of impassioned and success-minded women who come together in the spirit of collaboration. We are committed to supporting each other’s pursuit of excellence by offering easy access to each other’s gifts, talents, skills, tools, knowledge, connections, and resources. Our relationships flourish. Referrals are abundant, and we hold each other in the highest esteem.

WRx Philosophy:

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

WRx Core Values:

  1. Live, work, and play with a sense of purpose, passion and adventure.
  2. Practice what we preach – BE the extraordinary example.
  3. Do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.
  4. Service excellence: under promise and over deliver.
  5. Growth: constant and never-ending improvement. (CANI)
  6. Promote an abundance mentality.
  7. Inspire greatness, contribute to the quality of life for others, and to be involved in elevating society and the world.
  8. Have FUN and celebrate each other’s small successes on our journey to achieve our most ambitious goals and dreams.
  9. Act with honesty and integrity.
  10. Always do the next right thing.

About Traci Bogan:

Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery and women’s empowerment. She has backpacked 75,000 miles, in six continents, through 54 countries. Traci has made a career of putting herself front and center to show others how to break through their fears and achieve their boldest goals and most daring dreams through her books, workshops, retreats, and coaching program. Her twenty-year passion for personal development is at the core of her business and life philosophy. She is the founder of Business and life Academy for Women, Next Level Coaching for Women, and the Women’s Referral Xchange (WRx). She has been featured on numerous news and radio shows and has lived in China, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arizona. She is dedicated to working with women entrepreneurs and business professionals who are committed to 3X their productivity allowing them to live an empowered life and make their businesses more profitable and operationally sound.  

The breadths of Traci’s life experience are beyond ordinary.  As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she spearheaded a campaign to increase the Criminal Statute of Limitations for sex crimes on children.  Her grassroots effort helped change Wisconsin’s law on child sexual abuse. It is dubbed “The Bogan Bill.”

She is a master at accomplishing unfathomable goals and dreams.  In 2001 she coined the term “Dreampreneur” when she made the daring and unconventional decision to abandon life as she knew it and walked away from her earthly possessions, consuming career, unfulfilling relationship, and her loved ones. She strapped on a backpack and set off to discover the world and her role in it. Since then she has backpacked 75,000 miles, in six continents, through 54 countries in her ongoing 100-country world adventure.

Traci spent a decade living in Hawaii and working in the medical field before setting out on her adventure to travel the world and becoming an Entrepreneur.  Since her return, she has earned a degree in marketing, graduating at the top of her class at age 37.  She has published 3 books and prides herself on designing her business around her lifestyle, allowing her to explore new pockets of the world for a couple months a year,  adopting a family or a school in need along the way.  She has been featured on numerous news and radio shows and has lived in China, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Join this extraordinary group today!

Traci Bogan

Phone:  262-995-4629  |  Email:  |

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