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Leaving Laos a little earlier than planned, despite its beauty, the heat & the food have been exceptionally hard on us here than any other place. We both woke up feeling a little sick this morning & I caught Amy looking up the signs & symptoms of Malaria & though she thinks we are devoid of it, we are playing it safe and she started us on Doxycycline as a precautionary measure. Since we cannot go to the other destinations we had planned, we are instead flying back to Vietnam today to explore the Northern part of the country. We will mis the luxurious $5 massages here, the best in all of my travels, so far. Three highlights of Laos:

  1. Seeing the Kuang Si Falls, a tonic for sore eyes, with a multi-tiered cascade tumbling over limestone formations into menthol-green pools below.
  2. Witnessing the beauty of Buddha Park & seeing more than 200 relics shaped from stone. It was a spiritual experience that covered me from head to toe in goose bumps and silence.
  3. Experiencing the labyrinth of cobbled streets and tent markets bedrocked with charming bakeries, Buddhist temples, stunning river views, and gallic cuisine. It was a delightful step back in time and seeing the tak bat ceremony made our last morning here as we saw Monks walk single file, oldest first, carrying their alms bowls in front of them. Locals kneel before them and place food, flowers, money or incense sticks in the bowls, that sustain them. This is an early morning daily ritual that is a growing tourist attraction. A wonderful way to end our time in Laos.
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