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Sale!Treasure Hunt An Intimate Dinner for Two by Traci Bogan

Treasure Hunt: An Intimate Dinner for Two

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WARNING! This fun and unique dinner theme is contagious!

Everyone you prepare it for is going to want the recipe!

Looking for the perfect romantic idea for Valentine’s Day, a special birthday, a memorable anniversary gift or unique wedding proposal? Look no further! “Time-outs” from the rest of the world that are spent re-connecting with your partner are an integral key to maintaining and sustaining a long-lasting, loving relationship. The Bogan Island Treasure Hunt Dinner theme is an old family treasure and has been called “The World’s Most Intimate Dining Experience” by many. This may possibly be one of the most intimate and unique dining experiences you or your lover will ever experience together. Imagine a meal that you eat sitting on the floor surrounded by a sea of candles -in total silence – where the only way to nourish your bodies, is from the bare hands of each other!

“The Bogan Island Treasure Hunt Dinner Theme is the World’s Most Intimate Dining Experience!” – Greg Godek, Best-Selling Author of 1001 Way to Be Romantic

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