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Get this SPECIAL offer of owning both The Backpack Dairies AND Romance 411!

Romance 411

Get ready for a journey through intimacy. In this book, you’ll learn exactly what to do in order to build and inspire romance in your relationship. Don’t let the “rut” in your relationship prevent you from reaching the deeper level of intimacy you both deserve. This book is jam packed with pearls of insights that indulge the romantically challenged and hopeless romantics alike! Unlock your romance potential today with these creative romance tips, unique gift ideas, and personal insights from the author. You will be the envy of your inner circle and the talk around the water cooler after you undergo the transformation that awaits you! These individual blueprints are the keys to your romantic success!

The Backpack Dairies

The Backpack Diaries is an inspirational and adventure based true story of two best friends in their thirties, who are at a simultaneous crossroads in their lives, in search of adventure, fun, and a better understanding of the world and their role in it. Together they make the daring and unconventional decision to walk away from their earthly possessions, consuming careers, goal oriented lives, unfulfilling relationships, and beloved loved ones and strap on a backpack and set off to explore the world for 2 years.

Halfway through their ensuing adventures, they part ways. One summons the will to stay the course and finds the gateway to personal transformation and the other returns home and discovers the gateway to falling in love.

To enhance your experience, the authors have included more than 200 photos and QR code video links within the journal entries to give you a better sense of what it was like to be there.