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ROMANCE-911: Your Emergency Guide to Romance

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Romance is a rewarding escape from busy schedules, an easy antidote to stale relationships, and a fun alternative to the embarrassing 57.7% divorce rate. This book is designed to help you step out of your relationship routine and add a little romance and playfulness to your love life. Adding the spice of romance to your relationship prevents your partner from getting “bored” in your relationship and in the bedroom and even from succumbing to the temptations of “the grass is greener on the other side” syndrome. The good news is that it is never too late to introduce or rekindle romance into your relationship whether you are newlyweds, have been married for forty years, whether you are active parents or busy career-driven couples who have simply lost the luxury of undisturbed intimate quality time together. It does not matter if you are a natural-born romantic or are one of the romantically challenged! There is an idea in this book for you!

Here are just a few benefits of owning Romance-911: Romance-911 is timeless. Use it now or in ten years. Use these pearls for your own inspiration or leave it around the house as a subtle hint for your loved one to use it for you. It makes a great gift for even the most stoic of lovers or the person who has everything. Implement an idea from this book and you’ll be the talk around the water cooler and the envy of the “Routines”! It is loaded with a host of unique gift ideas and creative tips to help you set the stage for romance.

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