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Engage Traci Bogan to present a keynote speech, convention breakout, motivational program, presentation, seminar, or workshop and she will empower, transform, and inspire them into action.
Life Lessons From Backpacking Around the World
Most popular.

45-60 Minute Keynote/Breakout or 1-2 Hour Interactive Workshop


This multi-media presentation is rich with entertaining personal stories, breathtaking photography, and stunning video footage from Traci’s 50-country world adventure. Your audience will be transported out of their seat and into the nooks and crannies of the world where they will laugh, ponder, discover, and learn how a committed plan of decision, vision, action, belief, and perseverance leads to fulfillment of their seemingly impossible goals and dreams in life and in business. Each participant will leave with a new goal and action plan for achieving it.


Audience: businesses, groups, organizations, schools, colleges, and individuals

Goal Mastery
7 Keys to Achieve Your Goals & Dreams
Dream it. Plan it. Live it.


45-60 Minute Keynote/Breakout or 1-2 Hour Interactive


Just 51% tips the scale of your life and business. Traci knows your audience is desperate to find new ways to enhance their performance and achieve greater results so they can keep the scale tipped and add value in a ridiculously overcrowded market. Effective goal setting and achieving is the key to success and mastering the art of a productive “U” is at the heart of attaining leadership, self-management, and true fulfillment.


Traci’s experience in the trenches of the most remote areas of the world from Vietnam to Bolivia offers insight into the realm of what is possible in one’s life by drawing out the talents and abilities that already lie within each individual. Her message: Dream it, Plan it, Live it. Her mission: to challenge and then empower your audience to stretch their vision and step out of their comfort zone, allowing them to realize the possibilities of their life. Each participant leaves with a new challenge, an accountability partner, and a 12-week action plan for achieving it.

Audience: businesses, groups, organizations, schools, colleges, and individuals

Expanding Your Backpack from Books to Real World Experiences
Get Your Backback Ready


45-60 Minute Keynote/Breakout or 1-2 Hour Interactive Workshop


Is your school and community looking for an educational program that is entertaining, inspiring, and life changing –while providing your students with the needed SKILLS to help them expand their backpacks from books to real-world experience? Would you love to have your students improve their grades and pursue their passions upon graduation?

While you can find a variety of educational programs on Goal Mastery, I personally promise to give your students the necessary TOOLS and inspiration to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Help develop a community of students who accomplish more in the next year than the average student accomplishes in four years by offering them the 6 keys to master their goals and dreams.

The road to success in the real world and in the work force cannot begin until the student defines what they want in life and in the work force, sets their course, stretches himself beyond his own limits, and plows through the debilitating fear that stops him from achieving his goal. Each student leaves with a new challenge, an accountability partner, and a 12-week action plan for achieving it.

Each student will gain:

  • Effective goal setting and goal achieving skills and techniques
  • How to crystallize their goals and create a power statement
  • How to work with an accountability partner
  • How to overcome obstacles and adversities
  • How to decrease bad habits and create good habits
  • Create a priority management system
  • The importance of visualization
  • Design an action plan to get on course for expanding their backpacks from books to real world experiences

Audience: high school and college clubs, groups, and fraternities

How To Be A Networking Master and Referral Magnet
Build Your Network!

1-2 Hour Interactive Workshop


Learn practical ideas to improve your visibility and explore simple yet profound ideas in?professional networking for career advancement, leadership development, collaboration, and business development. Your audience will leave with a newfound zeal for networking and several active network connections.

Each participant will learn:

  • A simple system for getting all the business referrals you can handle
  • The art of effective follow-up
  • How to automate your follow-up
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of your customer
  • How to sharpen your communication skills
  • Unique marketing insights and strategies
  • How to create and conversationally present a 30 second elevator pitch
  • The art of networking and speed networking

Audience: entrepreneurs, sales reps, independent business owners, and college students