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Traci Bogan Walks the Walk!

Each of us possesses an untapped potential within to have, do, or be anything that we want. So why then do some people seem to have it all while others struggle just to get by?  I theorize that it comes down to a few simple reasons:

1.)  Decision.  We do not have a definitive goal or dream nor a burning desire for its achievement.  Our thoughts instead are focused on what we don’t want in our lives.  Since energy always attracts like energy this negative thought process attracts more of what we do not want into our lives.

2) Why.  We don’t have a compelling enough WHY to keep us committed.  Our thoughts are distracted by how it is going to happen and what we have to do instead of focusing on the WHY we want it to happen.

3) Self-doubt.  We are held back by other people’s opinions of our capability rather than believing in our own ability and worth to achieve what we want.

4) Self-talk.  Instead of focusing on why we CAN achieve our goal we spend too much time telling ourselves why we CAN’T achieve our goal.  This pessimism negates our forward progress.

5)  Path of least resistance.  It is much easier to remain addicted to our excuses, habits, and routines instead of expending effort to make a change or learn something new.  The path of least resistance is most comfortable and we usually like to keep it within an arm’s reach away.

People constantly say to me, “You are lucky to live in Hawaii,” “You are lucky to have written a book,” “You are lucky to travel the world.” Well I have news for you.  There is no luck about it!  I decided what I wanted my life to be and why. I made a plan, put it into consistent daily motion, focused on the results instead of the obstacles, and I made it happen. I set goals every week and pay a fine to charity for each goal I do not achieve. I have an accountability partner who I check in with on a daily basis.  I have a vision board in my office and I read my declaration statements daily. I keep my eyes on my WHY and focus on my end point, rewarding myself for my accomplishments.  For example, my dream was to author books that impact and inspire. Before I ever wrote a single word I printed out the cover of my future book and glued it to a book-sized piece of pine board. I could see the finished product sitting on my dresser every night before bed and every morning when I first awoke. I spoke the words every day for a year: “I am an author who impacts people’s lives and inspires them into action.” The book was already a finished product in my mind and I was already an author – even though a single word hadn’t yet been written. It is simply a matter of shifting your thinking to focusing on the results and outcomes instead of the obstacles and fears. My reward after 88 rejections from publishers and driving to New York City and holding up a sign on a busy corner that said “Please help me publish my book” was a summer sailing through Greece, Turkey, Italy, and France.
My personal bucket or “dreams” list below is not open for your judgment nor is it meant to impress you.  It is meant to inspire you into action to create your own list, get your creative juices flowing, and stretch your imagination into what is possible. Imagine where you can be in one year from today if you just take the first step. One step at a time is never too difficult! Going after a goal or a dream may not be fast and it may not be easy, but I promise you – it will be worth it! Where you are is the perfect place to begin. Make your own list of goals and dreams. Once your list is complete, pick the one that matters to you the most or randomly choose one. Mark the date on your calendar that you want to achieve it by, start your savings account, and begin taking daily action steps toward it without wavering.

What’s your Dream? 

If time, money, and failure was not an object – What would your life look like?

Here are mine:


Swim with wild Dolphins in the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii)

Swim with wild Whales

Walk on Abby Road

Stand on top of the earth

Sleep in the Lincoln room of the White House

Visit every Presidential Museum in America

Fly One Million Miles

Ride in a submarine

Visit the Top Ten Zoos in the US

Visit Universal Studios

Be a kid for a day at Disneyland

Be an extra in a movie (Mortuary Girls 2007)

Explore the Nile in a Felucca & a cruise ship

Bury a time capsule together with my the love of my life

Build a sand castle on the seashore

Collect a seashell or a rock from every country I travel & add it to my waterfall (Since 2002)

14 day “Silent Retreat” in Thailand

Skip rocks over every ocean in the world

Sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag

Shower beneath a Waterfall

Sleep in an Igloo

Sleep in a European Castle

Spend a Night in a Haunted Place

Take a Ghost Tour of Scottish Castles

Visit an old ghost town (Colorado)

Stay at a dude ranch

Hug a tree (Every year since 2005)

Stand on a bust corner & give away free hugs (Salt Lake City 2010)

Dance in the pouring rain

Fly a kite

Watch the Changing of the Guard At Buckingham Palace

Visit the ancient ruins of Rome

Name a star in honor of a loved one

Mush a dog sled in Alaska or see an Iditarod (saw the dogs training in Alaska)

Milk a cow

Raise chickens for eggs

Visit the Top Ten US Lighthouses

Visit all 7 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica)

Float through the heavens in a hot air balloon at sunrise or sunset

Go to the top of the Empire State Building (2006)

Ice Skate in Rockefeller Plaza

Visit a NYC firehouse & ask them how 9/11 changed them (2006)

Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

Visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington

Visit Alcatraz

Visit Pearl Harbor

Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

Camp in the Serengeti & see the “BIG 5”

Visit Ngorongoro Crater and witness the Great Migration

Sleep at an African watering hole and watch the wildlife

Visit Wall Street

Passionately Kiss in the Rain

Witness the Birth of a child

Witness the birth of one of my favorite animal’s gorilla/whale/dolphin/lion

Live in the country

Make snow angels and play in the snow like when I was a kid

Live in a big city in another state (Hawaii, Texas, Alaska)

Live in a foreign country (China Summer of 2009)

Live on the beach (Hawaii)

Do one new thing a week (Since 2007)

Sail the Greek Islands Island hopping

Learn to Tango in Buenos Aires

Go to La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

Go Sailing through Greece, Turkey, Italy & France (7 weeks 2007)

Ride an old bicycle in the countryside of France

Stand on the Equator

Ride the rails across at least 5 countries

Stand on top of the Eiffel Tour and make a wish (2007)

Kiss the Pyramids in Egypt

Ride a camel through the desert

Go on an African Safari for at least a month (over-landing through 17 African countries for 4 months)

Visit the place where Gandhi took his final footsteps and say a prayer for peace

Volunteer at Mother Teresa’s Orphanage in Calcutta, India

Leave a flower & a tear where Princess Diana died or find her gravesite (2007)

Trek through the Rwandan jungle and see wild gorillas

Cuddle a baby lion cub

Play with baby Chimpanzee’s or Orangutan’s (Chimps in Egypt)

Fly to Italy to see an Opera (2007)

Visit the Louvre Museum in France  (2007)

Spontaneously fly to NYC for dinner and a Broadway (Christmas Spectacular 2006 & 2007)

100 days vacation per year. (Committed in June 2007)

Learn to fly a helicopter

Own a helicopter (partnership?)

Visit John Lennon’s Grave

Brew my own Beer

Make 12 bottles of wine & gift it

Meet Nelson Mandela

Visit Robin Island in South Africa & write a poem for peace in Nelson Mandela’s jail cell

Learn to knit – Make a sweater

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

RV the Oregon Trail for 33 days

15 day Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru or Holland with a Shaman

Sky Dive

Bungee Jump (South Africa 708 Ft. Guinness Book of World’s Records)

Ice cream eating contest with hand behind my back

Scuba Dive one of the World’s Top Ten Scuba Sites (3 of 10 done)

Shark diving (Cage diving in South Africa)

Abseiling (World’s Highest in Africa)


Learn to Surf

Rock Climbing

Golf (3 times per month)

Golf (World’s Top Ten Courses)

Hand glide

Tennis Lessons

Compete in a Race for charity (Lighthouse Run 2012)

Yoga as a way of life

Body of an athlete at age 50

Polar Bear swim on New Year’s Day

Learn Kung Fu/Tai Chi

Take up rowing/Kayaking

Learn how to Ballroom Dance

Bike a new bike trail once per year

Learn Calligraphy

Learn to paint with water colors & acrylic

Learn organic cooking

Learn about herbs/grow them in home

Visit a new at least place three times a year

Increase yoga routine from 2 to 5 days per week

Go to the Smithsonian Institute

Learn Spanish

Learn French

Live in Europe for 6-12 months practicing French

Have a conversation with Madonna about yoga and Kabala

Kiss Tim Ferriss

Have dinner with Tim Ferriss

Live in an Ashram for 100 days in India

Teach English in a foreign country (CHINA Summer 09)

Live on a tropical island (Hawaii for 10 years from 1991-2001)

Convert from Microsoft to MAC (2012)

Take Adobe InDesign class

Learn Quick Books

Graduate college with honors (made President’s Honors, 3.9 2007)

Read the Bible cover to cover

Read the Koran

The Buddhists Bible

Read the Kabala

Read the Urantria

Read all of Carlos Castaneda’s books

Read all of Og Mandino’s books

Read everything on Socrates

Read the Osho series

Read every book by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Meet & befriend Wayne Dyer

Get testimonial for my new book from Wayne Dyer

Research my family tree at the largest Family History Center (Utah)

Train with a Yogi Master for 100 days intently (India)

Learn to meditate & do at least 10 minutes per day 5 days per week

Make peace with A.L.O.

Forgive my abusers of childhood sexual abuse (a 10 year journey)

Get rid of CABLE TV & replace time with reading/writing (Summer 2011)

University on wheels: Give up listening to music while driving; instead listen to Personal Development info for at least 85% of my drive time

Limit TV time to 5 hours per week or less and remove TV from bedroom

Weed out my garden of negative people & influences

Limit emails/internet to an hour per day

Set up T Harv Ecker’s Money Jar System

RV across America and visit every National Park

Enroll in the Experts Academy Program (2010)

Spend the day with Best-Selling Author Greg Godek (3 days at his home in LaJolla)



See the Taj Mahal

See the Mona Lisa

See the Sistine Chapel

See the Clock Tower at Big Ben in London

See an Iceberg

See San Francisco by cable care

See a comet

See the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights)

See the Aurora Borealis (The Southern Lights)

See the Northern Lights

See Graceland on a private tour

Travel all 50 states by 4-30-2013


Alaska (lived 6 months)













N. Carolina

N. Dakota


New Hampshire



Rhode Island

S. Carolina

S. Dakota



Washington D.C.

Washington State

West Virginia





Hawaii (lived 10 years)










New Jersey

New Mexico

New York




Texas (traveled through 4 months)

US Virgin Islands



Go to 100 countries in my life time (45 countries to date)

















South Africa








Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John. St. Croix, Bahamas)



France (Sailing naked on the countryside 2007)























Jerusalem (Holy land)


Aruba/ Barbados /St. Lucia


Costa Rica






New Zealand


Sri Lanka




South Pacific Islands/Fiji/Samoa etc.






I am an author of at least 5 books

Vegetarian (half way –no beef or pork)

I am a world renowned inspirational author and speaker

I am an author of at least one Best-Seller

I am a brand of HAYHOUSE

LIVE the Yogic way of life (Toxin Free/Be in Spirit more than Ego)

I am an Eagle in SendOutCards (

Defend the absent

Send love in the midst of hate

Surrender and Serve

Read my “I AM” statements daily  (90 consecutive days to create a habit)

Journal my gratitude’s (90 consecutive days to create a habit)

Give thanks to my creator everyday (90 consecutive days to create a habit)

I am a Philanthropist



An Angel investor funds my 3 inventions

My books and CANS will be available through SendOutCards

SendOutCards carries my RomanceGram product line

My cartoon character, Carry Prema “The Goal Scout” is a world –wide phenomenon & multi-million dollar brand

Get endorsement for my book from Best-Selling Author Greg Godek

Speaking: Inspire the lives of an audience of more than 1,000 people

Speaking: Inspire the lives of an audience of more than 3,000 people

Speaking: Inspire the lives of an audience of more than 5,000 people

Speaking: Inspire the lives of an audience of more than 10,000 people

Turn my passion into a career

Turn my passion into a seven figure career

Create CD/DVD series for my books

Generate 25 streams of fluid income

Start a Master Mind Group or Coaching Program

Elton John will sing the song I wrote

I am the recipient of the SendOutCards “Spellbinder” Award

Hayhouse is carrying my brand & is my official sponsor

I am sharing the platform with my mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am earning $________ working part-time on my business while traveling the world

Retire by age ­** and give my life away (live & lead by example)

I am earning $_____ per speaking job & am booking 4 jobs a month

I am earning $_____ in back of the room sales at all of my speaking events

I am earning $____ per month in residual income from SendOutCards

I am earning $_____ in total volume in SendOutCards from my books & products

I am earning $_____ per month in royalties from my books from vendors

Buy an RV for “Tour de National Parks”

Share my life with someone who possesses the entrepreneurial spirit of Tim Ferriss & the soul of Wayne Dyer

Find my soul-mate to share sunsets, swing sets, and adventures with

Own & travel between my summer & winter home (Summer home July-Oct / Winter home Nov-June)



Pay for my niece & nephews private school and college

Give Oprah Winfrey my world’s largest “Read-A-Thon” vision

Volunteer at DEX/WMMA by offering my leadership workshops to the students

Tithe 10% of all book proceeds to a “Charity of the Year”

Sponsor a child overseas to go to grade school

Adopt a child (foreign)

Be a host to foreign exchange students

Walk the earth and give to causes I believe in on a life altering scale

Select two students per year to mentor and assist them to getting to the next level (like Dale Froehlich did for me)

Sponsor a child a year to go to school overseas

Donate blood at least twice per year

Organize a blood drive (we saved 63 lives in 2010)

Approach one stranger per month and make a new friend of them

I give away $______________ to my favorite charities before I die (Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mother Earth/Wildlife causes,,, Scholarships to Rapport Leadership Training or other like Personal Development programs)

Dreams Can

Ingredients: 100% Vision, belief, action, desire, perseverance, results

Directions for use: Write your dreams on the blank note cards inside and randomly draw one out each month and create an action plan to achieve it or just begin to focus on manifesting it into your life. What is in this can will come true with time and intention.h4>

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