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Traci Bogan November 20, 201210:37 pm

Tour De World trips through developing countries always deepen me… change me… in seen and unseen ways. Can’t wait to get settled in & start another chapter in my life! I’m too excited to sleep! Bigger dreams, bigger plans, bigger opportunities await me! You don’t need a trip around the world or a Monday morning or a New Year’s Resolution to make a change in your life, you just need a DECISION and the wherewithal to see it through! 🙂

Traci Bogan November 17, 20126:20 pm

12 Life Lessons Learned From from Backpacking Around the World

Traci Bogan November 17, 20125:59 pm

We went with the arrow pointing HOME! We always know it’s time to go, when instead of admiring a gorgeous view from atop a gorgeous temple, we are each taking turns telling each other what we are going to eat when we get home and what luxurious things we are going to do… like take a steamy hot shower for 20 minutes and sleep in a bed with no bed bugs and throw the ear plugs away from the noisy traffic outside our hotel windows… Yes, we made the decision to come home a little earlier than scheduled and we are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families & counting all of our blessings. We had a great adventure & we can’t wait to explore Africa next year together. Stay tuned for a couple last postings of Tour De World 50.

Traci Bogan November 12, 20127:52 pm

New blog post on leaving Laos

Traci Bogan November 11, 201210:08 pm

UPDATE: Based on travel advisories for Americans, we are not able to go to a couple a places we had planned, therefore, this is not Tour De World 50 afterall, I’m stuck at 48 countries for this trip… looks like Tour De World 50 will have to resume again next year. 🙁
Life is far more important than the risk and the adventure. So sad we live in a world of war and hatered and are not all free to enjoy the beauty of our creator, in all parts. I was most looking forward to experiencing Bangladesh.

Traci Bogan November 11, 20124:59 pm

School in Laos

Traci Bogan November 11, 20124:59 pm

Locals Line Dancing in Laos

Traci Bogan November 11, 20124:58 pm

More odd flavors of chips

Traci Bogan November 8, 20121:40 pm

Just posted a new blog!

Traci Bogan November 6, 201210:54 pm

After getting motion sickness on the last roller coaster of a bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, we opted to hire a private car to drive us to the Thai border. The bus was $10 for 9 hours and the private car is $100 for 5 hours. We are Ko Chang bound in about 15 minutes. We are told the internet connection here is very poor, so we may be out of commission for a few days before going to Bangkok. Giving a shout out to Mike from Tuna Traffic for taking over the wheel & keeping my friends and family updated on Tour De World 50.

Traci Bogan November 5, 20128:06 pm

Inside a $40 Poolside Cottage

Traci Bogan November 5, 20128:05 pm

Renting Motorbikes in Thailand

Traci Bogan November 5, 20128:02 pm

Traffic in Hanoi

Traci Bogan November 4, 20126:54 pm

New Blog Post: 6 Things We Look For in a Hotel Room in Undeveloped Countries

Traci Bogan November 3, 20127:12 pm

4 child workers learn to play a game on Amy’s iphone

Traci Bogan November 3, 20127:08 pm

Traci Bogan November 3, 20127:03 pm

We were offered a jungle tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia for $5. When we asked what kind of animals we would see on the tour we were told “Rats, Squirrels and butterflies.” We kindly declined. Lol!

Traci Bogan November 3, 20127:02 pm

In Cambodia when you are seated at a restaurant, the waiter will stand at your table until you order your drink AND your meal. We have to insist that they go & bring us our drink and then take our order.

Traci Bogan November 2, 20127:07 pm

We are finishing up a week in Cambodia and heading to Ko Chang. It has changed like crazy in the last 10 years here but still nice and cheap. Draft beer is between 50cents and 75 cents, depending upon if it is happy hour.

A decent meal is $3. We even stayed an extra night here in Siam Reap cause our hotel is so nice and it has a pool, is clean, has AC, a fridge, hot water, cable TV, breakfast buffet(but not a good buffet), and not too many bed bugs…all for $20/night. Traci negotiated them down from $25/night. Of course there is a leak out of a pipe about midway up the bathroom wall. Well its not really a leak but an open pipe without an end that constantly drips.

We called the front desk about it and they were nice enough to come and put a wastebasket under the dripping pipe to catch the water. The wastebasket consists of a mesh basket with a plastic bag in it so of course the water is always running all over the bathroom floor so we called again. This time they came and taped a longer plastic hose to the pipe so it wouldn’t have to drip as far. The tape lasted about a day and now it is hanging there by a piece of tape and the water continues to drip out of the pipe. 🙂 We spent a day at Angkor Wat but the afternoon downpour sent us back to our hotel early. We also went to a floating village with a 2 hour tour via motocar of the countryside.

Today we shopped. Last night we got a fish massage. They have these huge glass tanks filled with fish, some are gold fish size but some are more like Post Lake pan fish size and you put your feet in there and the fish continuously suck on your feet. They’re supposed to clean all the dead skin off your feet. It took a minute to get used to it but we got a 15 minute cleaning for $1.00 and the night before we got a 15 minute foot massage from a human for $1 as well. Tomorrow we will go to Ko Chang via private car for $50/each and it will only take 5 hours instead of a 9 hour bus ride for $13 or a plane ride to Bangkok for $185. Traci was throwing up on the last bus ride so she is reluctant to repeat that. I think the bad fish in bad cream sauce she ate for lunch before the bus ride had something to do with it as well. Its hot hot hot here…about 88-91 degrees.

I’m one big sweat ball from the moment I walk out the door until I come back to the hotel. But the people in Cambodia are very nice, a lot nicer than Vietnam. So we will spend about 5 days in Thailand and then about 7-9 days in Laos.

Traci Bogan November 2, 201211:45 am

Good Bye Cambodia and Hello Thailand

Traci Bogan November 2, 201211:45 am

Pushing Carts Around In Cambodia

Traci Bogan November 1, 20123:44 pm

Update: We hired a private driver to take us to the boarder from Siem Reap to Koh Chang for $50 each. We chose this option to avoid a 10 hour bus ride with all of its twists and turns and stops. The ride was suppose to take 5.5 hours… But the ordeal took 10 hours! This comes after our driver drove at the speed of 70-80 miles per hour the entire way, passing every car in sight & driving down the middle of the road. He stopped to get gas twice, stopped to put air in the tires, stopped to pee, stopped to get a red bull, and stopped to check the oil. He was sweating profusely the entire drive, even with the A/C blowing in him & kept pouring bottled water over his head while driving us. It was the oddest, but not the craziest ride we’ve ever had. We are certain he was on some kind of drug. He don’t speak a luck of English, but kept trying to have a conversation with us in his native tongue. We were anxious for him to drop us off at the Ferry…… Until we got to the Ferry & saw the rust bucket of a boat that was suppose to float us to the otherside of the river. But that’s another story. I love the joys of exploring the world and not k owing what’s coming next.

Traci Bogan November 1, 201210:15 am

Cambodia has been the highlight of our trip thus far. It is really tough to say goodbye to this beautiful tropical country and her lovely, lovely people.

Traci Bogan October 31, 20124:16 pm

Siem Reap Floating Village

Mike Zielonka October 29, 20127:47 pm

3 Faqs about Vietnam from Traci:

-We have not seen any overwight people yet.

-Our waitress told us they work 7 days per week and do not get any yearly paid vacation. She was denied a week with no pay this summer to go and visit her family.

-Many of the market workers are well past retirement age, but are still working.

Mike Zielonka October 29, 20127:45 pm

Internet is really bad for Traci Right Now so I haven’t gotten any updates for you guys since Saturday. 🙁

Traci Bogan October 27, 20122:07 pm

The Final Post from Vietnam

Traci Bogan October 27, 20122:02 pm

Traci & Amy eat bugs at Cambodian Restaurant

Traci Bogan October 26, 20123:20 pm

Amy and I on the bus to Cambodia

Traci Bogan October 26, 201212:41 pm

An interview with a Cambodian Boy

Mike Zielonka October 25, 20123:21 pm

Time to make some shoes in Saigon!

Mike Zielonka October 24, 20129:16 pm

Saigon, Vietnam

Mike Zielonka October 24, 20122:19 pm

Vietnam Vet Playing Guitar on the Streets of Vietnam

Mike Zielonka October 24, 20122:17 pm

Traci got her teeth cleaned for $200,000 in Vietnam!

Mike Zielonka October 23, 20125:17 pm

I just posted the pictures, video, and story of Traci and Amy Reuniting with Sun & Muong in Vietnam 10 Years Later

Mike Zielonka October 23, 20125:11 pm

Something we ate got the best of both of us and we’ve been sticking close to the bathroom today. Ugh! Between that & scratching ourselves to death from bed bug bites, it’s been an interesting start.

Mike Zielonka October 22, 201211:34 am

Lobster, Sushi & Hot Pea Flavor Potato ChipsLobster, Sushi & Hot Pea Flavor Potato Chips

Mike Zielonka October 22, 201211:30 am

And I quote Traci’s Email this morning: “GREAT NEWS!!! We found SUN & MUAONG TODAY & MET UP WITH SUN!!! We are soooooooo fliping excited!” -Mike

Who is Sun and Muaong? Read this:

Mike October 21, 20129:59 pm

Traci is on the train right now but here is one of the photos she sent me yesterday. It’s “Homemade Snake & Dead Bird Wine” – Mike from Tuna Traffic
Homemade Snake & Dead Bird Wine

Traci Bogan October 21, 201211:06 am

Traci Visits School in VietnamTraci Visits School in Vietnam

Traci Bogan October 20, 20123:20 pm

Restaurant Staff Doing Dishes on the curbRestaurant Staff Doing Dishes on the curb

Traci Bogan October 20, 20123:20 pm

Nap time on a street corner
Nap time on a street corner

Traci Bogan October 20, 20121:50 pm

It was 10 years ago today that my Best Friend Amy and I set off to explore the world, and today, we return back to the place where our journey first began. One of the highlights from that adventure was meeting two little beggars named Sun and Muong from Hue, Vietnam. It is our mission on this trip to return tho their village and track them down. Stay tuned to see where that road leads us and to learn what happens next…

Mike October 18, 20126:31 pm

Arriving in Korea

Mike October 18, 20126:30 pm

Free Arts & Crafts in Korea Airport

Mike October 18, 20126:30 pm

Get Lucky Hotel. The whole bathroom gets wet when showering notice the 2 in bar of soap

Mike October 18, 20126:30 pm

Ham Salad = Dry Ham + Spouts + 1 Cuccumber Chunk

Mike October 18, 20126:29 pm

Korean Bathrooms have a Courtesy Box that plays the sounds of loud flushing toilets

Mike October 18, 20126:29 pm

We are staying at the Get Lucky Hostel in Vietnam for $12.50 night

Mike October 18, 20124:21 pm

Traci has landed and checked in! Updates incoming!

Mike October 17, 201211:18 pm

No word yet from Traci and Amy…They still are in the air – Mike (from Tuna Traffic )

Traci Bogan October 17, 201211:30 am

$500 worth of “Expedited” paperwork. We are off! See u on the other-side of the world! 🙂

Traci Bogan October 17, 201211:25 am

Ohh No…Bad News Bears…We can’t get into Vietnam…like literally we can’t get in right now…

I made you guys a message video

Traci Bogan October 17, 201211:20 am

Traci’s backpack & pile looks a lot different than Amy’s pile

Traci Bogan October 4, 20129:12 am

Getting my backpack ready!

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